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Amethyst Monet (b. 1999) is a self-taught artist born in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and is currently based out of New York City. Amethyst has participated in multiple public mural projects, including a mural at Queens Botanical garden and a collaboration with Paseo Park Jackson Heights. She has exhibited her paintings in several group shows and was recently featured in Epicenter NYC and The Culture Candy.


In my artistic exploration I seamlessly merge the realms of painting and embroidery, crafting a visual narrative that explores themes of interconnectedness and feminism. Through vibrant brushstrokes and meticulous stitches, I create a tapestry of surreal imagery. Each embroidered stitch beyond its aesthetic role, embodies a direct thread of collective knowledge passed through the maternal line of my family. This fusion of mediums serves as a symbolic representation of the interconnected lives we lead, weaving together the threads of individual and collective experiences. I draw inspiration from the surreal using a mixture of oil, acrylic, spray paint and embroidery. Many of my paintings portray ethereal female figures across an abstract dreamscape, entwined in the act of weaving the threads of their own destinies.

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